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Why outsourcing to ALPEA?
ALPEA is based in one of the major cities in Bulgaria - one of the 27 member states of EU. This makes co-operation with companies from other EU countries very easy. Thanks to the background of many years in programming and the large number of clients we have low programming costs and this allows us offer prices lower than prices offered by many other companies for similar services. Our programmers are fluent in English and possess high education level.

What should I do if I want to outsource a project?
You should prepare the initial information about your project and send a request to ALPEA. You can send it in a form most suitable for you using simply sending email to If you already have a specification of a product you may need a quote. Then we will send you back a price offer and schedule. If don't have a detailed specification of your project then we will prepare a specification corresponding to your requirements, price offer and time schedule. If it is necessary our project manager will visit your office to become familiar with all details about your project.

I am a new client. How to start my project?
From new clients we expect first assignment of a small test task. At our side we can make certain that we have the necessary resources, know-how and expertise level to work on future tasks for this client. This will make us sure that future assignments will be of the required quality and implemented according to the schedule. We can also evaluate communication, delivery and payment. During this process the client in turn has the possibility to evaluate our performance and this will lead him to decision whether working with us is a viable option. This also helps the client make decision about the size and complexity of next tasks to be assigned to ALPEA.

Thinking about co-operation?
One of our main goals is long-term co-operation with our partners. A dedicated to our client team is formed then and it stays constant as long as possible. Advantage is that client knows what quality and performance to expect and team has a good coordination and knows what are specific issues and requirements to it. Certainly before we start a long term co-operation we need to adjust our team to the client requirements. After implementation of a couple of small tasks related to the topic of our co-operation we can look forward starting the real work.

For long term co-operation we use either dedicated facilities or time and material pricing models. For projects with clearly defined specification we use the fixed price model. After we get specification of your project we evaluate the time and resources needed and send you back a development plan, schedule and price offer. After you approve them we will send you a contract and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to be signed. Only after we receive all documents signed from you we can start work on your project.

Development of my project already started. How can I obtain current status?
Methodologies used at ALPEA guarantee a clear overview at each phase of project development. Client can online monitor the progress of its project. In this way client gets advantage to be informed at any stage about the overall project status and prevent any unexpected issues concerning project delivery.

Can I add or change tasks in my project during its development?
We know very well that software projects are rather complex and require careful planning which reflects schedule and price. We also know that often requirements change during project development. Depending on the stage of the project development and the complexity of the task which is about to be added or changed we will decide if we can accept the changes. After evaluating the additional resources to be involved in its development we will send you offer about new schedule and changes in price. If you accept it additional contract will be signed with you.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us using Email page in our web-site, sending Email to, via phone call, or via live chat with operator. Emails are answered within one business day. We are open for you workdays 9:00-17:00 h (GMT +2) and we speak English.

How is the payment done?
After project is delivered we issue invoice including VAT. If your company is based in EU you need to send us your VAT number and then you will be exempt from VAT. Payment is done only via bank transfer.

My project is completed. Who owns the copyright for the product and sources? Is my intellectual property protected?
All rights for the product and its source files belong to you. We sign a NDA to guarantee this. Our internal security model protects our clients' confidential information from inappropriate circulation and unauthorized access. Regular backups to remote physical locations minimize the risk of data loss.