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Company Profile

The Team

ALPEA delivers professional software development services. The company provides flexible and effective solutions to its customers and is specialized in development of web based and custom software applications. The competences of our team of highly qualified specialists and their extensive experience in large number of projects are an additional assurance of the quality and reliability of the solutions delivered. We offer a full cycle of software development services - from solution concept, through product development to application support, enhancement and migration. Use of extensive technological know-how adds value to customers' IT. Refined software development process, clearly defined Quality Assurance procedures and keeping up to date with the newest technologies in software development are the main factors for significant costs and time reduction of customers' projects. Whether your company is not specialized in software production or in the opposite it is a software house - you gain a profit of your partnership assuming full responsibility for project design and development to ALPEA and enabling in this way concentration of your resources on your core business activities. Our development capacity meets the specific needs of clients across numerous industries.


ALPEA is a strategic and reliable partner for software development outsourcing. Our internal security model protects any customers' confidential information from inappropriate circulation and unauthorized access. Regular backups of all activities minimize the risk of data loss. All intellectual property rights and software source code are retained by clients.


The based on I.T.I.L. methodology used by ALPEA captures many of the best practices of software development, including iterative development, management of requirements, use of component-based architecture, verification of software quality and control of change requirements in software. This clearly defined and disciplined approach to development ensures production of high quality software meeting end users needs within predictable schedule and budget. Some of the methodologies used at ALPEA are Object Oriented Model, Prototyping Model, Waterfall Model and Incremental Model.


ALPEA has implemented a Quality System ensuring the quality of the processes for Design, Development, Testing, Integration, Maintenance, Optimisation and Conversion of software applications. We assure efficiency of Quality System functioning by its documentation, showing personal responsibilities and by internal audits.

Project management

Software projects are rather complex and therefore they require careful planning. It includes concept design, estimates, development of stages, capture of all requirements details, risk management, change management, prototyping and overall project control. After we receive a request and initial information about client's project we prepare a quote free of charge, we set the milestones for overall project development and a general schedule for delivery.

Proper planning has a key role as it ensures the project does not move away from targeted goals while the customer gets clear definition of the project details. It also ensures that customer has access to project deliverables at any stage of the development. During the planning phase a functional specification, work plans and schedules for deliverables are prepared. The planning stage is completed by signing of a contract.

During this phase a team builds solution components - code and documentation. This is an interactive process. The customer can online monitor the progress of its project. This option gives customer the advantage to be informed about overall project status at any stage and prevents any unexpected issues at the project delivery.

ALPEA has implemented a testing methodology including Software Quality Assurance (QA) and testing, System testing, Requirements Compliance Testing, Benchmarking, Performance Testing, Regression Testing and Compatibility Testing. Tests are performed on customer specified network equipment and environment.

Delivery and support
ALPEA deploys the project components and obtains a final customer approval of the project. The development team keeps maintenance of the solution after installation. Warranty is also provided.

ALPEA has implemented an internal project management tool which unifies all project resources under a common methodology. This helps avoiding common roadblocks to communication and project success.

Business Models

We see ourselves as a long term partner to our clients, not just as another vendor. We understand client's time pressures and cost constraints. Our desire is to offer conditions that best suit client's unique needs and optimally achieve their objectives, establishing a mutually beneficial partnership.

Fixed price model
Our fixed price model is the preferred approach when client provides well defined project specification and a time frame.

Time and materials pricing model
The customer may opt for this model the scope and specification of the projectc are not defined in an explicit manner.

Dedicated facilities model
ALPEA reserves resources exclusively for the customer. Normally this model is for a pre-determined minimum period of time and it can be based on a fixed price, Time and material price or a hybrid.

Any of the business models used by ALPEA offers clients options to execute the project on-site, offsite, offshore or using an optimal combination of those three options.