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SEO optimization Services

Creation and deploying a site is only the first step for selling and promoting of goods and services on the Web. But simply having a web site does not guarantee the desired amount of visitors and desired amount of sales. The main factor for web site success is qualified traffic and targeted shoppers.

Resent research shows that more than 80% of corporate sites visitors come from search engines and more than 90% of Internet users do not go past top 30 search engines results. These are two major facts showing that search engine optimization has become one of the most essential factors for web site effectiveness.

ALPEA focuses on implementing advanced SEO methods and techniques that considerably improve client's site visibility in search engine listings and give it more qualified prospects and favourable rates.

ALPEA experts research client's current situation to select relevant SEO techniques and compile a SEO analysis report is compiled. It contains information on site current search engines ranking, detailed list of pages that need to be optimized and recommendations for further site optimization. Professional consultation on the implementation of SEO methods is provided. Extensive keywords research and selection is conducted in order to provide a comprehensive list of keywords related to client's site content. Lists of titles, meta-tags and alt-tags meeting search engine demands for each page of client's site in compliance with selected keywords are prepared. ALPEA experts may also create a client's personal PPC account regarding the peculiar features of Google AdWords and Overture system. All PPC account settings could be adjusted to meet client's specific needs. Log analysis reports are also prepared. Properly analyzed, log files can become a progressive tool for tracking trends in web-site traffic patterns. Obtaining this information gives clients the strongest basis for planning further site development and promotion.